Its simple!

Watch Ads when you wish to be rewarded 

*format example to ADSR client 

Discover the ADSREWORD advantages.

Designed with simplicity in mind,

Adsreword helps you earn more App and TV revenues, delivering rewards for a better user experience, and deliver insights with automated tools that do the hard work for you.



Maximize engagement and ad revenue

on TV, Apps and Web .

Your users can choose to engage with a video ad in exchange for on TV and in-app rewards, or opt IN at any time they wish to watch an Ad for more reward. These rewarded ads optimize your TV Channel and App's revenue and keep your users very happy and engaged.

Video User Experience: ADSR integrated a client video player

Here an example on how users can choose to engage with a video ad in exchange for an in-app rewards.

The ad auto start and only if the user stop the screen swipe and watch the advertising video in full, the user is rewarded. ADSR ads keep your users very happy and engaged.

Maximize your ad revenue.

With the largest global ad networks integration, ADSREWORD works with millions of advertisers to compete for your ad space, while you stay in full control of your data and maximize your earnings.

Generate more demand*.

Maximize engagement and ad revenue.

Your users can choose to engage with a video ad in exchange for in-app or on TV rewards, and opt In at any time, as they are in control.


Rewarding ads increase your TV channels and app's revenue and keep your users happy.

*both from users who want to watch more ads and from advertisers who crave having a full view video audience.

Earn the highest CPM for every impression.

By calling all participating networks simultaneously, your ad can be bid on each impression in real time, securing you always get the highest-paying advertiser. Your Ad sold to Ad Network will is reported with 100% rate Transparent *no hidden fees

Maximize your earnings.

ADSR record in real-time CPC and CPM data directly from advertisers so you can focus on your business and your customers.

To maximise earning propose to your audience to watch more ads for more reward!

Get actionable insights.

Adsreword offers simplified analytics and reporting features like ad request revenue and ad engagement data directly from Google Firebase

so you can make better decisions for your business.

ADSReword for Game Publisher

You are a game publisher

and want more revenue while making your user play more?

ADSR power your game with Advertising Video that reward for in game bonus or real life prizes that excite your users.

Add ADSR java script (1 line)

to your game code and you are ready to rock and to make money.

ADSReword for TV Channels / Operator

You are a TV channel or TV Operator and wish to sell more Ad ?


Turn your TV ads adressable and rewarding with ADSR, powering your Channel with Advertising Video that reward for in content bonus or real life prizes that excite your viewers.


to your IP Tv or Feed and you are ready to rock and to make money.

The Team

The Adsreword team is steeped in the Media and Tech industries with long experience of, and feel for, the market. It also has all the entrepreneurial qualities and business skills needed to develop and position the ADSREWORD brand and service.

Our Mission

Is to Reward people from watching Ads.

And make video ads more fun and engaging to everyone.

People love ads so let's gives ads a new life and make sure that we can all enjoy watching ads as a short content interest.

ADSReword for "any" Website 

You are a Website owner or a web dev and wish to make extra revenue from Ads ?


Powering your websites with Advertising Video that reward for your services or real life prizes that excite your customer.

Create SALES that doesn't devalue your brand. Have you ever see LV sales ?

So here ADSR can really help

Lets Talk!

Get Adsreword on your TV, applications or Games in just no time

And ready to earn more revenues + see your clients smile with Ads.

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