Create a better ad experience with rewarded ads 

available on TV, Web and Mobile apps

Ads that users can choose to view in exchange for reward such as watching a video ad to get digital currency to purchase on TV, in Mobile store, get access to content, or buy the ad product at special price are called “rewarded ads.”


These ad experiences can keep users more engaged and offer a better overall TV and Mobile experience. In a recent IPG Media Lab study,

29 percent of TV commercials are not actually seen by viewers.

The media agency worked with TVision to analyze six months of TV viewing behavior to assess how often people are actually seeing commercials. Using a term that's more often used in the digital landscape, the study says that 29 percent of TV ad deliveries are not "viewable," meaning nobody is in the room for at least two seconds while the commercial is airing. This compares to 31 percent of digital video being unviewable.

Find out how you can use Adsreword and ADSR Ad Manager to set up TV and In App rewarded ads, and configure the size and reward type to serve through Ad Exchange or participating AD networks.

Happier users, healthier ecosystem

Rewarded ads offer benefits to the entire advertising ecosystem — users, advertisers, and publishers.

Users are in control of the ad experience.

By voluntarily opting in (click-to-watch) to an ad in exchange for a digital currency reward, they gain access to a product store to buy products and get great discount using the digital currency they earned from watching and engaging with ads.

Advertisers get access to a better-performing format, even on classic video KPIs, such as completion rate. Rewarded video ads are highly viewable, and advertisers are willing to spend more for formats that deliver more user engagement.

Publishers can earn more money with engaging ads. You can branch out from an in-app-purchase (IAP)-only monetization model with rewarded ads. And while rewarded ads work well for gaming apps, they offer a great potential for TV and all publishers using the same principle that made in game advertising so successful. 

Some Examples of Adsreword Publisher Integration

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Adsreword Founder Vision

"Advertising must be delivered in such a way that it serve the consumers.

The Vision for Adsreword is to increase ad demand from consumers side,

giving 100% control to audience over ads and reward them for watching and engaging." 


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